Kicking Terminology for Coaches

January 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

Some terminology that I often quote when providing player instruction or analysis. Here Jonny Wilkinson shows us great balance at heel strike. Note, like a rubber band pulled back, his kicking muscles are on full stretch, about to transfer energy into kick execution.

Place Kicking –

* Ball Address: Quite simply the act of placing the rugby ball on the kicking tee. An often overlooked element whereby the setting of launch angle and direction of ball are established.

Launch Angle: Refers to the angle at which the ball is ‘set’ on the kicking tee. Jonny Wilkinson adopts an approximate (upright) 80 degree launch angle whilst Christian Lealiifano prefers about 60-65 degrees to launch his rockets.

Marking Out: As the name suggests, the physical measuring out of steps in the player’s routine. Will finish at the ‘gather’ position.

Gather Position: The ‘resting’ position after steps have been marked out. The time/place which a player will take in target, gather before making approach to the tee.


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