The following video is a warm up (isolated) skill activity for rugby kicking. It is critical that a player (kicker) enters the field of play with body and mind ready for action. From a physical perspective, this is a fantastic exercise for activating the kicking system. A learning tool for younger ruggers getting a feel of a braced leg and foot whilst also valuable for seasoned professionals. Kicking out of hand very much requires adherance to a system, a process, and this allows for assisting the player to switch on.

Contact Point Location Activity: Coach Focus – Alignment to Target, Compact Set/Drop, Active Leg, Impact on Hump of Foot, Balance/Stabilty performing kick with no step momentum, Active Leg, Controlled Follow Through. Progressions include increasing distance, introducing Rugby Ball. A good warm up skill activity, encouraging players to “switch system on”…..

By Stuart Lierich

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