The key to successfully adopting such a technique with this kick is to trust the “system” when executing in a game and at practice. The ability for a kicker to remain compact, delivering a smoother (rather than harder) impact generally ensures a better outcome. I have developed a process of coaching this kick that reduces the risk of miss-kick that generally exists with a spiral. The fusion of tradition methods and that of a gridiron (NFL) punter allow for risk reduction and power generation with a secure release and impact. I have always believed this kick variation to be a valuable weapon in any kicker’s arsenal, for creating field position with distance and uncertainty for an isolated opponent. It should be stated once more, that to become proficient with this kick you must simulate the pressures of a match situation to test your ability to transition from “grip”, to “set and release” quickly. Measure the quality of execution on (depending on intended outcome), distance gained, hang time and accuracy…Remember the best exponents of a spiral punt are able to exploit all of the benefits of “turning the ball inside-out”…YOUR TURN…I’d love to hear how you go with either coaching or kicking with this method.

By Stuart Lierich

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