5 Things I Learnt From Coaching In Argentina

July 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

I was afforded the opportunity recently to spend a week sanctioned by the Union Argentina De Rugby (UAR) coaching as part of the Pumas preparations for the upcoming Rugby Championship. Aside from this international level coaching (and Test Match experience) I also spent some time at Premier Division Rugby Club, San Andres sharing my knowledge and coaching practices. There is much to tell of my coaching engagement in Buenos Aires, but here is my top 5 things I learnt:

1. You must be prepared for opportunities to present when least expected. Be open and flexible with where your work may lead and you may surprise yourself.

2. The coaching in Argentina is extremely professional and the thirst for further knowledge is to be commended. So much passion and spirit for the great game. To see how excited the fans are when up close to their heroes is something else! There is a spirit and feeling of positivity that suggests the Pumas will be a real force in years to come.

3. I continue to see reinforcement of the fundamentals at the professional level of Rugby. Amateur coaches must understand there is nothing mysterious going on at the “top end” of competition.

4. There is more work to do! I would welcome any further opportunity to work in Argentina as I see plenty of scope for player and coach development in the future.

5. And Finally! The local hospitality is tremendous. I was so well looked after and had a tremendous time whilst I was in BA. I’m so grateful to the wonderful people that made my visit from Australia such a positive experience. What a beautiful country and such a vibrant city of Buenos Aires….

By Stuart Lierich


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