Attack The Obvious Space|Rugby Transition

March 27, 2015 — Leave a comment

Whilst many rugby teams have ‘rules’ for when the ball is in transition, I prefer to coach to a framework.

Effective counter attacking perhaps lies somewhere on the scale between highly variable & highly structured. A team that returns the ball with no structure generally is chaotic and opportunist at best. On the other hand a team with too much structure (or rules) governing the return (from kick or fractured ball etc) risk missing opportunities that exist outside their tunnel ‘vision’.

Below is a clip highlighting ball in transition, and the opportunities presented for a team to counter attack.

Things to observe & consider:

* The length of time the chasers took to arrive and approach new ball carrier

* The quality and shape of the chasing line. Any pressure?

* Did the new ball carrier assess situation before making his decision?

* Does this appear that game plan or set structure decided the outcome? Was it pre determined?

* Where was the obvious space?

* Did the new receiving team work back hard enough to provide support and play options?

* What would you have done? You want to score tries right?


By Stuart Lierich 



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