How Not To Kick For The Sideline

March 27, 2015 — 1 Comment

Every rugby coach I have ever met tells me they value the importance of good kicking, but only very few really integrate it into their team’s development.

Good kicking finds you opportunities, field position and points, whilst poor execution will cause you to lose ground, possession and matches.

I have, on (too) many occasions, preached to all that kicking to the sideline requires players to have system and process. A framework, if you will, for making maximal gains for their team.

Below is an example of what happens to players on occasions, when no toolbox exists to focus and execute correctly. Whilst this may be a one-off ‘blooper’ style kick, you will only reduce the risk by building a sound routine of: Position Assessment (Field), Alignment & Set Up, Approach & Contact, Landing & Release…

The Little Things are BIG Things, as demonstrated in this short clip below:

 By Stuart Lierich

One response to How Not To Kick For The Sideline


    As always Stuart is spot on. I would go as far as saying that you need to have “systems and processes” that are able to stand up to the pressure that a match will put your technique under. we see it here – a very snatched kick – and we saw it in the Scotland Vs Italy 6 Nations match where a missed touch kick, probably, cost Scotland the game. Practice under match conditions as often as possible.

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