Kicking For Touch From A Penalty|Rugby

March 30, 2015 — Leave a comment

When it comes to the underrated subject of kicking for touch, I really want you to think about becoming a kicker in control.

What I mean is, a player that is able to quickly asses field location and make a decent kick that crosses the sideline safely, yet for maximum gain.

Every coach and player I know says they want that, yet when it comes to game day with fatigue, scoreboard pressure, peer pressure etc, many kicks fall short when they don’t have to.

Take your current mindset beyond “just get it out” and a whole new world awaits you. (better field position, less tackles/phases, psychological advantage).

Establishing a system, process or framework is essential for you to be effective, and the clip below will outline the importance of:

* Assessing Field Location To Calculate Required Kick Distance/Range

* Body Alignment & Posture

* Kicking Action/Leg Swing and Body Follow Through

The video below appeared on the Rugby World Magazine Website. It received a level of interest I hoped for, yet didn’t expect. Hence I decided to make it available to you, in the event you’ve not seen it:


By Stuart Lierich

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