Rugby League Counter Attack|Kick Chase

March 30, 2015 — Leave a comment

This article was originally going to be a few words to highlight a very good kick chase example from the video embedded below.

But much more than that, is a brilliant counter attacking movement that began deep inside the counter attacking team’s territory. The kick at the end of the tackle set was only possible because of the work done to achieve good field position from front foot ball from momentum.

So let’s take a look at some things for you to observe in the clip:

* Where does the team presented with the counter attack opportunity take possession?

* Was their reaction fast or slow to the ball fracture/turnover? How did this help?

* Look off the ball, is there organising or communication occurring?

* Does the attacking team probe the defensive line? How the the defensive shape look?

* Does the attacking team ensure momentum, making for easier ‘play the ball’?

** Note the field position before the last tackle kick option & reflect back on where possession was originally taken. 

So much good work with everyone knowing their roles in this movement. Nothing opportunist about this ‘set of six’ this because this team practices for this very thing. Do you?


by the time the last tackle kick was made, the field position made the execution a lot easier. They even got to turn the last defender around to their advantage.

But it’s not finished there..

So many rugby league halves seem to drop off after a kick such as this. Make note of the aggressive chase lead by the kicker, as well as the speed of support.

Your team can benefit from all of the principles at play here. I challenge you to provide more practice time for kick returns and reaction from picking up loose ball. Your team will benefit as a result

Watch Clip Here:

By Stuart Lierich

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