Diffusing A Counter Attack With A Kick|Example

April 1, 2015 — Leave a comment

When counter attacking it’s critical for teams to keep their ‘foot on the throat‘ of the opposition if they’re to have any chance of extracting a result from the movement.

At the very minimum, net gain at the end of the play or turnover of possession must be achieved.

The clip below highlights the following:

* Grubber kicks behind a flat defence appear ‘defensive’ if no support is there to collect, turning over possession.We also give the opposition player ‘sweeping up’ time and space to make a decision.

* Clearing straight into touch is often the easy way out.

* An adaptable kicking style will allow you to, even under duress, return the ball with interest down the tramlines.

In particular observe the following:

* The final ‘up and under kick’ from the team that was originally attacking. (Ouch)

* The final ‘resting place of the ball’. Penalty.

By Stuart Lierich

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