Owen Farrell Goal Kicking| Posture Is Everything

April 6, 2015 — Leave a comment

There’s not too many better sights for me on a rugby pitch than a smooth, compact and powerful goal kicker.

Owen Farrell is certainly one example.

As with any kicker, when he maintains good, reasonably upright posture, his chances of making attempts are extremely high.

This posture (hips to shoulders), coupled with weight transfer (body momentum) channeled towards the target is a strong combination for control and accuracy.

We all know Faz can kick, but you may be surprised that there are occasions when he almost ‘slips’ out of his well rehearsed framework for kicking.

I mean, not all of his kicks display the balance and stability required to ensure success. Generally when Faz isn’t balanced, he still has enough quality foot contact AND his weight transfer is to target.

So let’s take a look at a series of short clips from Owen’s kicking to explain the importance of posture:

1. A slight lean back and to the right will affect ball strike and momentum of body through the kick. Too pronounced and this will equate to less powerful kicks and reduced accuracy.

2. Another example as above. This is almost the limit of reduced stability and balance at contact for Owen. Any further from his framework of success will result in an uncharacteristic missed attempt.

3. And here is one such missed attempt. Observe the posture, but more importantly take a close look at the direction of (body) momentum through the kick. No wonder it ended up left. Almost appeared he kicked ‘too hard’ as well, actually reducing power value post contact. Note the ball landed inside the in goal area. Impact Line is critical – The path of the knee, (ankle), foot through the apex of the ball need to all form one line to target…..

4. Owen at his best! Compact and smooth, almost effortless. Have a look at his posture as he finishes that last ‘jump’ after making contact with through the ball. Balanced, stable and directed to the target area (goals)…

Posture is so important. Don’t be a ‘slouch’ and overlook an area that will make a massive difference to your kicking.

By Stuart Lierich

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