Junior Rugby Practice|360º Kicking Game

April 7, 2015 — Leave a comment

I’ve called this a junior game, but make no mistake, it’s very effective (and fun) for senior grade players as well.

Let’s face it, most kickers nowadays just don’t get enough opportunity to get foot on ball. Many coaches also claim they don’t have enough time to schedule any kicking into their practice.

A shame really, as kicking is aligned to both attack and defensive strategy, plus an integral tool for any player wishing for multi dimensional play (options).

Anyhow, you’re here because either you already schedule kicking or you’d like some ideas to begin. Great, here we go.

The game (video description) below is a very basic, yet very effective activity that promotes, kicking volume, decision making, spatial awareness, posture, alignment and general self awareness.

Whilst not directly related to rugby gameplay, I have had tremendous success using this with players of all levels of skill.

I encourage you to take this template and manipulate the rules, field size and player numbers to challenge your players to find solutions. I quite often rotate various ball types into play for some extra flavour.

So for this game, remove your ‘rugby’ hat, and put on your ‘kicking’ one. Relax and give your players a licence to have some fun. The only thing I suggest you instruct is to play at speed.

This will help develop skill. Perhaps remove possession for slow decision making etc etc..

Oh yeah, and try not to use the word ‘technique’…it is not welcome or any help in this game…

You could run this with only 10 spare minutes, and most players would get between 15-30 kicks. They are like ‘bank deposits’ for self awareness and improvement in your more specific sessions.

Over to you:

By Stuart Lierich

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