Kicking is Much More Than Swinging Your Leg

May 3, 2016

On some level, most coaches and players would know and believe this to be the case.

For me, as a professional skills & kicking coach, it’s still common for me to watch players that have a kicking action dominated by their leg swing.

Kicking (distance, accuracy and control) well is about smoothness and control, not raw swinging power.

To kick effectively, from the tee or general play, requires a framework to achieve this.

Think about your favourite half backs, first fives and fullbacks. What about those players stands out to you?

I bet you’re thinking that good kickers are smooth, fluent and their skill appears somewhat effortless. Along those lines, right?

Even though they would all appear to kick with a different ‘style’, it is below the outer layer that a common thread exists.

These are the players that use all of their body to achieve good outcomes (for all kick types). Yes, the leg swing is important, but only one of many ingredients.

But how do they achieve this?

Whole of Body Movement is like imagining that there are several body parts that need to move and rotate when we kick. The more skilled a kicker, the better they’re able to have those body parts move in the most efficient sequence.

In future articles I will investigate and discuss the key ingredients in more detail, but for today let me explain why your players will kick better if you (coach) work on and understand better this “whole of body movement” concept for now: (video below)