4v3 Attack|Focus on 1st Receiver

May 6, 2016

It’s amazing the value players and coaches can gleen from simple grid activities in practice.

The short clip below is a passing activity from a rugby league pre season session a few months back, looking at playing flat and fast (as the game may dictate).

The focus for the activity is for the first receiver to get into a position where he commits both ‘A’ & ‘B’ defenders in the line to make a decision.

Sometimes referred to as “arse away” we are looking for a ball player in this situation that will:

  • Start on ‘A’ defender, and with timing skip out between ‘A’ & ‘B’ when receiving the pass off the carpet from dummy half
  • Run straight, play square and play late with the intention of holding up A & B thus isolating the next defender out
  • Create passing options including:
  • back inside to support player pushing up on ball
  • pass short into gap between B & C (if it exists) to a teammate running a hard ‘unders’ line (ideally a second rower)
  • long pass to attacker outside last defender (if space exists)

Watch 4v3 Clip Here (20seconds):

Sidenote: Whilst on the surface this appears a passive passing drill, it is important to have an intended focus or coaching theme. This activity is about the first receiver (attackers – flat/fast), yet we always find many other coachable moments for defending players too. With practice I encourage you to manipulate various aspects of activities such as this to replicate intensity and challenge decision making…..more often than not we would turn this into a game allowing for continuity of play, re alignment and fatigued decision making…

By Stuart Lierich