The 4 Attacking ‘Pillars’ Of The Waikato Chiefs (Super Rugby)

May 18, 2016

In the video below, I highlight the behaviours that the Chiefs base their attacking philosophy around.

Having facilitated a number of leadership programs with various teams, I assure you of the value it would bring to establish your own.

In fact, if you are just coaching skills without a governing framework of values, behaviours and trademarks, then you are selling your teams (development) performance well short of potential.

The challenge here, is not to copy those contained in this video, but to establish your own based on your team’s unique strengths and traits.

As you’ll learn, the most successful ‘pillars’ are those where the players have been empowered in their establishment, enhancing buy-in and ensuring they become a part of the way you play.

What else could you create pillars around?

By Stuart Lierich