A ‘Learning’ Environment Is Where The Magic Is

May 23, 2016

Ok coach, ponder this:

How do the really good teams you coach against achieve a competitive advantage over you?

The other coaches are of a similar level, and have access to the same CPD that you do.

So what makes them so good then?

I’ll give you a tip. Well, actually I will tell you that from my personal experience it took me some time to discover this.

“We’ve got to get the information across to players so that it sticks. After all, coaching a team is about transferring what you are teaching into improved performances in matches”.

In my early coaching career I was so keen to be the fountain of knowledge passing on my gold to players. I looked up the best ‘drills’, created amny of my own & spent so much time planning the exact timing of my session blocks.

Oh, how glad I am to be at this stage of my career, having been through enough experiences to now know the answer to the question above. I had been missing the point for so long.

A word of warning. This isn’t an easy mindshift and most coaches won’t make the effort.

AND, it will take work to maintain it as part of your coaching philosophy.

I will say however, that for me it has been the most important ingredient in helping me become a more effective coach for the players and teams I am involved with.

Watch the video below:

By Stuart Lierich