Analysis: Jimmy Gopperth (Wasps) Goal Kicking [Video]

May 23, 2016

I have been really enjoying all of the questions an interactions I’ve had on social media lately.

In fact, a few of my blog posts and videos have been a direct result of a query I have either fielded online or when out coaching.

One such question came on Twitter regarding the kicking action of Wasps Flyhalf, Jimmy Gopperth.

You see, for those not familiar with the way he looks when he kicks, Jimmy appears a little unorthodox when he strikes the ball.

For me, this uncovers a great lerrning principle for coaches. Let’s not seduced by theories before we uncover the evidence. (Yes, Sherlock style, for sure.)

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@tgbrock was keen for my thoughts on the way Jimmy appears to ‘buckle’ as he kicks. The  lead image at the top of this article will show you.

At first glance this certainly doesn’t appear to be a stable and balanced position from which to strike.

Please [watch the video below] where I look much closer at why he is able to kick consistently well regardless of what you see.

Key Points:

  • Balance and Stability at Heel Strike
  • Sweet Spot Contact Through Line Of Ball
  • Weight Transfer To Target (Goals)

*the example kick used was the ‘pressure’ kick that sent Wasps into the champions cup semi last month

By Stuart Lierich