It’s Not About Grip, It’s About Contact Quality|Rugby Kicking

May 23, 2016

Dear Rugby,

You need to stop coaching the way your dad did when it comes to kicking.

If you were a kicker of sorts, I’m sure you’ll remember (as I do!), how much time went into (over)explaining how you should hold or grip a ball before kicking.

Well, I do love my dad, but geez. And we as players didn’t know any better. We just thought we were learning. lol.

Here’s the thing. Even with so much information around these days, coaches still seem, generally speaking, keen to over coach the grip.

“What about all the different kick types?”, I hear you exclaim.

Let’s not miss the point. Although I acknowledge there are numerous kick variations available, I’ll raise you one, in fact.

Every player finds their own (unique) solution to every kick, and the best players are able to adapt to the dynamic nature of a game of rugby.

Watch the video below as I explain why “holding the ball is less important than the eventual quality of contact” when kicking:

By Stuart Lierich