3 Steps To Improving All Rugby Skills

May 24, 2016

I understand you know that rugby is a dynamic sport. In fact, it seems to be such a ‘buzz line’ in coaching circles these days.

Sure, I’m glad more coaches are appreciating the ‘whole of environment’ when it comes to coaching. But, not nearly enough coaches in my view.

For many, unfortunately, it’s a throw away line.

Take improving or remedying player skill errors as an example.

By no means an easy (or linear!) task, but for many coaches they are simply barking up the wrong tree when it comes to the path they take to ‘fix’.

How many coaches do you know that make their own judgment or assessment of a poorly executed skill without considering all of the factors that may have contributed?

To begin to improve any skill deficiency for a player we need to go “Sherlock Holmes” and gather the facts before we “Theorize” any conclusions.

Oh, I know the more experienced we get, the sharper our observational powers are.

That’s bullshit.

Please don’t fall into the common trap of labelling a poor pass, tackle or kick based on the physical aspects alone. What a coach sees is only but a part of the story.

The best coaches empower any player needing help by considering their perspective when ‘things go wrong’.

[Watch the Video] below to learn the 3 questions I ask players to determine whether we have an issue with decision making (game awareness) or physically performing the skill.

By Stuart Lierich