How To Ensure Other Coaches In Your Program Are On The ‘Same Page’

June 2, 2016

A recent question I fielded from a coach in the USA on my Facebook page….

How Do I Know My Coaches Are Doing The Right Thing in My Absence??

It’s commonplace in youth rugby and mini rugby to hear of coaches that run programs to be anxious about trusting other coaches on their own. But it doesn’t need to be the case.

I have recently fielded a question from the USA from a coach who runs a youth program & is concerned about what happens when he isn’t around. (Are they coaching the way I want? etc)

The short answer is the buck stops with those that are heading up programs, academies and youth teams where other coaches have input.

I know everyone means well, but the aim here is to get everyone involved on the SAME PAGE, both operationally and philosophically.

In summary:

√ You must have a program philosophy and be clear to all stakeholders where your focus is. Transparency is key.
√ Coaching manuals that cover off “how’ to coach, not just ‘what’ to coach will serve you well
√ Don’t complain about your coaches, develop them OR get someone in to do that on your behalf
√ Be clear with new coaches as to what’s expected. Role descriptions are perfect for every rugby program
√ Use technology to share information and communicate with your people
√ Develop your leadership skills to take your program forward. This is much more than coaching.

As always leave me any thoughts you have on the subject, I’d love to hear from you

AND – keep sending your questions,  I am really enjoying helping you all.



By Stuart Lierich

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