FREE ACCESS – Rugby Goal Kicking Pro Tip Video Series

June 7, 2016

FREE ACCESS – “Goal Kicking Pro Tip Video Series”

Do you want your goal kickers to improve distance, accuracy and consistency?

Every coach does right? But what are you actually doing currently to help them?

Then don’t leave it to chance.

Aimless practice without structure, purpose or a coaching framework is a waste of time and energy.

In my 15 years of coaching, I am astounded at how many points are left out on the pitch through inaccurate kicking.

Now is the time to stop leaving points out on the pitch!

The truth is, many coaches (and players) simply do not know how Assess, Remedy & Build a ‘bulletproof’ kicking action.

And, contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t need to be complicated…

I’ll be frank here…Part of the reason is that there isn’t much (if any) quality, evidence based coaching information out there for you to apply. That, and the fact nearly all rugby clubs simply don’t have access to a professional kicking coach on staff to help them.

Well, I am here to help.

I have created, exclusively for you, a “3 Part FREE VIDEO SERIES” that will outline a few of my key coaching concepts used in my everyday professional coaching toolbox.

With over 30 minutes of valuable content for you to keep, this is your opportunity to join my growing list of coaches and move forward.

And it’s FREE. No obligations. Just practical coaching CPD I know you will be able to apply now. Today.

Watch the Video Below To Learn More:


By Stuart Lierich