Which Rugby Ball Is Best? Gilbert Or Steeden?

June 12, 2016


I hear you. There are many more rugby ball manufactures than the two above mentioned.

Adidas, Summit, Canterbury, Rhino, Umbro just to name a few…

Whether online or whilst on coaching assignments I am often asked

“Hey Stu, which ball brand is best for kicking?”

This usually extends to:

  • Which ball is best for passing?
  • Is a Gilbert more rounded than Steeden or other brands?
  • Which lasts longer?
  • etc etc etc

I find this interesting on several levels and offer the following:

  • No best brand suited to rugby based on shape
  • Gilbert & Steeden are VERY SIMILAR (and both owned by the same company Gray Nicholls)
  • A ‘traditional’ rugby union shaped ball is folklore more than fact
  • Variable quality between models of all brands

I suggest this advice:

  • Most ball brands have several ‘models’ to choose from, the mid to upper price range offers best value for longevity
  • Look for a nice ‘weighty‘ ball, as the cheaper light ones will ‘blow out’ quicker particularly if the recipient of decent kicking volume
  • A good tradesman doesn’t blame his tools. Predominantly train with the ball used in competition, but for skill acq and developing adaptability – mix it up!!
  • Move on from this debate 😉

Watch the [Videos Below] where I share these thoughts:

My iphone went flat during the first video, so my thoughts are spread across two takes!

The beauty of ‘live’ posts and candid sharing haha

By Stuart Lierich