Know When To Leave Players Alone Coach

July 14, 2016

When it comes to junior players and developing skill, many simply haven’t yet acquired the necessary “self awareness” (from skill volume) for intrinsic feedback & self coaching.

I call it “bank deposits” of experiences.

The more deposits into the ‘self awareness account’, the richer the development potential, and better the learning and retention.

Although I certainly do coach & promote purpose in practice, it also also very valuable for our young ruggers to experiment and mould their own solutions during unstructured play time as well.

The temptation for any coach with say the player pictured above would be to tell him how to kick the goal, covering off all the structured steps required in the process.

You know, as if he’d just be able to produce a performance outcome from just remembering the moves from a coach’s (or mum or dad) instruction (lol).

But, is telling learning?

Sure there is a time and place (of course!) for extrinsic feedback and instruction. But the real magic occurs over a much longer period of time and is based on retaining information made useful from problem solving decisions and movement patterns.

Instead, consider his age, current skill level and physical development by being a little “hands off” to allow him to progress at his pace, using your restrained yet well calculated feedback to find his own movement solutions and grow that ‘self awareness bank account’ to use when you won’t be there to give all the answers…

By Stuart Lierich

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