Who is Stuart Lierich?

I am a “Specialist Kicking & Skills Coach”  who has worked at all levels of competition in Rugby Union & Rugby League. 

With experience coaching in Australia, Europe and Argentina, I am always on the lookout for opportunities to connect and add value to players and coaches alike.

This may be anything from an online consulting arrangement, or short & long term coaching engagements.

Rugby Coaching Skill Set Includes:

* Counter Attack (Team Transitional Play)
* Individual (Positional) Skills (Backs – Kick, Catch, Pass, Running Lines, Support, Decision Making)
* Performance Analysis (Video Match Tagging & Internal Communication Management)
* Technique Analysis (Kick, Catch, Pass, Positioning)
* Team Exit/Attack Strategy & Opposition Analysis
* Player Mentoring (Goal Setting, Benchmarking)
* Mental Skill Techniques For Player Development & Performance
* Player & Coach Presentations

*Kicking including all general play and place kicking

My skills coaching methodology is underpinned by a holistic approach to creating an optimal learning environment for players to develop & perform.

With experience coaching (and educating) in several countries, at all levels of competition,I offer clubs a professional (evidence based) approach within their particular coaching context. A player centred approach driven by empowerment & meaningful questioning allows me to optimise skill transfer from training to the competitive field of play.

I value the incorporation of constraints based coaching & guided discovery in development of all players, at all levels.

Parallel to this I am active in the education of rugby coaches (seminars/workshops), of the critical elements required of a specialist skills coach to add value, inclusive of Instruction/Feedback & Practice Design Principles.

I operate with the premise that professionally structured skills coaching is a holistic process of building self reliant players.

My coaching ‘toolbox’ also includes strategies to enhance attentional focus, whilst continually driving excellence in match performance through the education of strategy, decision making, goal setting and identity.

In 2013 I spent time coaching Juan Martin Hernandez (Argentina Los Pumas) and maintain a professional relationship to this day.

With an emphasis on Kicking, Backs Skills & Counter Attack, I make myself available to deliver coaching to progressive Rugby organisations globally.

Click Here to view my LinkedIn profile including skill set and coaching experiences.

Allow me to introduce myself:



By Stuart Lierich

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