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FREE ACCESS – “Goal Kicking Pro Tip Video Series”

Do you want your goal kickers to improve distance, accuracy and consistency?

Every coach does right? But what are you actually doing currently to help them?

Then don’t leave it to chance.

Aimless practice without structure, purpose or a coaching framework is a waste of time and energy.

In my 15 years of coaching, I am astounded at how many points are left out on the pitch through inaccurate kicking.

Now is the time to stop leaving points out on the pitch!

The truth is, many coaches (and players) simply do not know how Assess, Remedy & Build a ‘bulletproof’ kicking action.

And, contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t need to be complicated…

I’ll be frank here…Part of the reason is that there isn’t much (if any) quality, evidence based coaching information out there for you to apply. That, and the fact nearly all rugby clubs simply don’t have access to a professional kicking coach on staff to help them.

Well, I am here to help.

I have created, exclusively for you, a “3 Part FREE VIDEO SERIES” that will outline a few of my key coaching concepts used in my everyday professional coaching toolbox.

With over 30 minutes of valuable content for you to keep, this is your opportunity to join my growing list of coaches and move forward.

And it’s FREE. No obligations. Just practical coaching CPD I know you will be able to apply now. Today.

Watch the Video Below To Learn More:


By Stuart Lierich

So, if we expect players to find their own solutions to match scenario, ‘think for themselves’ etc, then we should expect the same of coaches.

Too often a coach will choose the easy way out and with little consideration take activities and drills from a book or manual without considering the context.

Coaches need to think deeper than just wanting the latest, newest ‘drills’, but develop their own framwork for designing challenging and engaging activities for their teams.

Rant over…

By Stuart Lierich

The question comes up often and exists in several forms.

A little something like this –

“Hey Stu, are there any secrets or gold nuggets that you could share from the pro teams? I mean, any secret drills or activities I should know about?”

Here is my response, and the answer to what makes the good teams much better than yours.

(Hint: you already have the ‘gold’)…

By Stuart Lierich

Passing the course to get your coaching badge is only the first stage in becoming an effective coach.

Even for seasoned coaches that have their Level 2 or even Level 3, many rest on the piece of paper without investing energies into what really matters.

The fact of the matter is most, if not all, governing body rugby courses are weighted heavily towards the “WHAT” to coach, rather than the “How” to coach.

In other words, the fact you’ve learned the materials and passed a course does not qualify you as a good coach (yet).

Don’t be that coach (we all know them), with 15 years experience – that, in fact has 1 year of experience repeated 15 times over. Yes, you know the one.

You need to take what you’ve learned from the course (activities, ‘drills’, rules, philosophy etc) and learn how to make it all ‘stick’ with the players you are coaching.

Yes, your ‘soft’ skills are the the ingredient that will allow your bread to rise!

Think about this.

Does the NGO or your club help you with important skills like:

  • Running a meeting?
  • How to effectively talk to your troops at half time?
  • How to engage stakeholders including sponsors, parents or partners?
  • How to deliver a coaching presentation?
  • How to adapt when the head coach throws you unexpectedly into the deep end?
  • What are the essential practice session design principles for better skill development?
  • How to use analysis to benefit skill development and improve team performance?
  • Your ‘office’ productivity (letters, storing & sharing info, creating reference material)?

Certainly some food for thought. The list goes on.

Appreciate that you have a duty of care to your players, and the only way to truly help them realise their potential is to do what’s required of you to achieve the same.

By Stuart Lierich

A video presentation that’s been sitting on my computer for a while, and forms part of my coach education at various levels of rugby competition.

We need a framework from which we base our coaching, and then this must be applied within the specific context of our playing group.

Watch the [Video] and you will see that there are several ingredients in building backline cohesion and great execution.

By Stuart Lierich

This short blog post is the written version of a LIVE video broadcast I made on my Facebook page earlier this week.

I had fielded an email question from a rugby coach asking (to the effect) “What advice would you give a younger version of yourself starting your coaching career?”

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, right? 😉

Well, I thought it a great question, and one we should all reflect. If you are in a mentoring position working with other coaches then I encourage you to share all of your learnings and advice where possible!

The video blog below was a little candid, so no big production here haha.

My 3 pieces of advice:

By Stuart Lierich