Skills Coaching At Your Rugby Club

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It is a joy and privilege to have the opportunities to meet & coach so many great people like you around the global rugby community.

Although based in Australia, my coaching engagements have taken me to England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy & Argentina as well as ‘Down Under’.

My ‘context’ based approach has allowed me to work with high performance professional clubs & players, as well as run development sessions & programs for amateur club (inc junior) organisations as well.

With a particular focus on creating an empowering learning environment for players to build skill and make better decisions, it would be a delight to provide service to your club also.

Philosophically speaking, it isn’t my presence that creates value for your club. It is the fact that I leave you with tangible and replicable frameworks that will continue to assist your members long after I deliver.

If you’ve any interest in hosting me, or would like to further discuss my skill set & experiences, then I’d welcome you get in touch by email with your query.

No coaching engagement is too big, too small or too far away, if it is about helping your players and coaches realise their full potential in our wonderful game of rugby.

I currently have a client list of players and coaches from several countries, of which I mentor privately online. We live in a tremendous time to be able to harness the wonders of computer technology to communicate and add value to people’s lives. Could you be the next coach I work with?




LinkedIn Professional Profile:

Stuart Lierich Rugby Coaching Services:

  • Player Skill Development Sessions & Programs (including Camps)
  • Player Development (Mentoring) Planning & Goal Setting (in person & online)
  • Performance Analysis (of you or your team’s matches) – remote/online
  • Coach Education Workshops – skill development & coaching environment
  • Outsourced Session Design & Planning & Contract Coaching

Areas of coverage:

  • Backs Specialist
  • Catch/Pass, Running Lines, Support Play & Decision Making
  • All Kick & Catching (incl Goal Kicking) – individuals & units
  • Counter Attack (Team Transitional Play)
  • Skill Acquisition for all core skills
  • Team Culture Identity & Leadership Development

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* Juan Martin Hernandez (Jaguares & Argentina)

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* Kieran Hallett (Cornish Pirates, English Rugby Championship)

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* England National Rugby (League) Academy Squad


2013 Irish Rugby Institute, Dublin